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From Local Courts to International Spotlight: The Journey of Milos Suput

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We often hear of dreams taking wings, but today we’ll delve deeper into a story where dreams took the shape of a basketball and launched a promising young athlete onto an international stage. This is the story of Milos Suput, a talented young player whose journey started on the local courts of his hometown, journeyed through the prestigious Canterbury Academy in the Canary Islands, and now has him setting sights on a college career in the USA. All made possible, with the support of Athlete Plus.

Inspired by Passion and Persistence

The story begins at home for Milos. His dad’s love for basketball was the spark that ignited his passion. “I saw how much basketball meant to my dad, and I tried to follow his footsteps,” he shares. What started as fun gradually transformed into a burning desire to make it his future profession. “Since then, I have been only concentrated on making myself a better player, and one day making my dream of playing professionally a reality,” Milos explains.

The Cultural Odyssey

Transitioning from his home country to Spain to attend Canterbury Academy involved not just a change of location, but also a shift in culture. “The culture is very different from mine back home. At first, it was hard to get used to them, but by now, I can say I got a lot better, and I am still improving and getting better day by day.”

The beginning of his Spanish journey was indeed challenging. But Milos’ tenacity helped him embrace the differences and adapt to his new environment. His realization that he chose to be there, and that he was there for a reason, allowed him to understand and accept the cultural differences. Through patience and resilience, he turned what was initially a challenge into an enriching learning experience.

A Home Away From Home: Canterbury Academy

For any athlete, a supportive team environment is critical. His experience at Canterbury Academy went beyond his expectations. “After the first practice, I realized everything I am looking for is here in Canterbury Academy. The coaches taught me a lot, I have improved a lot. And I can’t thank them enough,” he says.

Equally important are his teammates, who have been pillars of support from day one. Their camaraderie helped him transition smoothly into the new environment. “The trust we built in each other is incredible. And I enjoy every single second I spend with them; they made me feel like home, true friends,” Milos adds.

Canterbury Academy has not only provided Milos with a supportive environment but also been instrumental in his skill development. His time on the court is paying off in spades, particularly in areas like defending and shooting. “One of the key skills I have developed is my defending. Every day I feel like I am developing in that end. Also, my shooting has improved a whole lot. Multiple practices a day and the right coaching made it all possible,” he details.

A Beacon of Guidance and Support

Navigating the journey from being an aspiring athlete to becoming a professional requires more than just raw talent. It needs guidance, support, and a comprehensive understanding of the athlete’s potential, all of which Athlete Plus provided in ample measure to Milos. “Without Athlete Plus, this would not be possible. They helped me so much in the process and showed my potential to Canterbury Academy,” Milos expresses his gratitude.

The support extended by Athlete Plus has been crucial in this transition and will continue to play a significant role as he strides towards his next big dream. “Towards succeeding in my next [step], I am completely sure with Athlete Plus everything is possible and they will make sure to help me with my dreams,” he asserts confidently.

Unfurling the Map for Aspiring Athletes

When asked about advice for other aspiring student-athletes considering a move to another country, Milos’ response reflects wisdom beyond his years. He urges them to stay humble, focus on their work, and above all, seize the opportunities that come their way.

His words, “Stay humble and put in the work; at the end, it will pay off. And if you have a chance to go to another country, do not hesitate. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, take it, if you don’t, you might regret it in the future,” resonate deeply, providing a roadmap for young athletes aiming for the stars.

Through the journey of Milos Suput, we are reminded of the potential that lies within passion, dedication, and the right guidance. Athlete Plus has always been committed to illuminating this path for international athletes. We take immense pride in stories like Milos’, which stand testament to our pursuit of excellence in nurturing talent and helping dreams take flight.


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