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Our platform is tailored to assist you in the journey of securing a swimming scholarship, focusing on the crucial balance between swimming excellence and academic achievement. Explore these opportunities to excel in both your aquatic pursuits and educational endeavors, laying a solid foundation for future success.


In high school swimming, coaches and scouts assess skills, understanding of stroke mechanics, and physical capabilities. Key attributes include speed, endurance, agility, and strength, tailored to the demands of competitive swimming.


Consistent high-level performance in school and club teams, as well as participation in regional and national tournaments, is crucial. Attending swimming camps and clinics can offer additional training and visibility.

At the university level, swimming scholarships are competitive. Coaches look for swimmers with excellent technique, speed, endurance, and a tactical understanding of different strokes and events. Physical attributes such as height and reach can be advantageous, especially in events like butterfly and freestyle.


College coaches value swimmers with versatility, strong work ethic, team spirit, and the ability to adapt to different coaching styles. Exposure through high school meets, club participation, and national competitions is essential for showcasing your abilities and potential.

Men's Result Requirements

19.8 - 21.0

Women's Result Requirements

21.5 - 23.0

Average Scholarship
Time Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Understanding the eligibility criteria set by organizations like the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA is key. These include age, academic qualifications, amateur status, and participation years. Familiarizing yourself with these requirements is crucial for eligibility.

Proactively engaging in the recruiting process is vital. Create a compelling athletic and academic resume, attend swimming camps and showcases, and showcase your skills to college coaches. Our platform provides tools and advice for navigating this process, from reaching out to college coaches to making a lasting impression.

Recruiting Process

Remember, the journey towards a swimming scholarship is as rewarding as the destination. With hard work, dedication, and strategic planning, your dream of swimming at the collegiate level and achieving academic success is achievable. Athlete+ supports you every step of the way, providing resources and guidance to enhance your prospects. Stay persistent and embrace the opportunities that come your way.

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