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Witness the incredible story of Franz Wagner, an emblem of hard work and success, and see how Athlete Plus can put you on the same trajectory. Franz’s rise from a young basketball prospect to a global star was more than just about talent—it was about seizing the right opportunities and having the best support. That’s where Athlete Plus comes in!


Like Franz, you can navigate the complex world of sports with a trusted guide, using our expertise in scholarship consulting, training programs, and athlete development.


Explore how Athlete Plus can be your game-changer. Your path to basketball future is within reach; let’s start this journey together.


It’s all about choosing a college basketball program where you’ll be able to get better at your game while also getting a great education. A good college basketball program will teach you how to become an even better player, while also helping you develop into an all-around person who knows how to handle pressure situations both on and off the court.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA, and it’s easy to see why. College basketball is a sport that has more than 30,000 players competing at the collegiate level. So how do you know when is the right time and what is the right level of basketball for you?

Scholarship Opportunities

At Athlete Plus, we work tirelessly with over 500 colleges and universities across the United States and Canada, as well as top tier high school basketball programs to help every deserving player level up. Our extensive network of connections has facilitated over 2000 scholarships, providing an array of opportunities for young athletes eager to make their mark. Our team, composed of former college athletes and professional recruiters, understands your journey because we’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve achieved a success rate of 95% in scholarship acquisition, using our insider knowledge and extensive experience to guide high school and university athletes through the complex scholarship process.

How Scholarships Work? 

Scholarships for basketball at the high school, post-graduate, and college levels serve as crucial financial aids and stepping stones for athletes aiming to advance their careers and education. At the high school level, scholarships are often awarded based on a combination of athletic prowess and academic achievement, helping students to attend schools or programs that can further develop their skills and academic profile. These scholarships may cover partial or full tuition fees and sometimes include additional allowances for books or living expenses.

For post-graduate athletes, scholarships are typically aimed at providing an extra year of development both academically and athletically, often in preparatory schools or specialized programs, to better prepare them for college-level competition. In college, scholarships become more competitive and are primarily offered based on athletic talent, although academic standards must also be met. These scholarships, especially in NCAA Division I and II institutions, can cover full tuition, room, and board, and are essential for athletes seeking to combine higher education with high-level basketball. Maintaining these scholarships usually requires meeting continuous academic and athletic performance criteria, making them both a privilege and a responsibility for the student-athletes.

High school basketball scholarships provide talented young athletes with opportunities to further their education while honing their athletic skills. These scholarships are typically awarded based on a combination of athletic ability and academic performance, enabling students to attend schools or academies with strong basketball programs and educational credentials. The goal is to support the student's growth as both an athlete and a scholar, preparing them for future opportunities in college basketball or other career paths. The scholarships may cover a range of expenses, including tuition, books, and sometimes boarding, depending on the program or school offering them. To be eligible, students usually need to demonstrate not only exceptional skill on the basketball court but also maintain a good academic standing, ensuring a balance between their athletic and academic pursuits. These scholarships are highly competitive and often require students to actively engage in recruitment processes, such as showcasing their talents through games, tournaments, and highlight reels, and maintaining strong communication with potential schools and coaches.

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