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Making Sports Dreams

Come True


Empowering Athletes,
Nurturing Bright Futures

At Athlete+, we take pride in connecting athletes with schools and scholarships that match their skills and ambition, ensuring a blend of academic and athletic achievement.


Beyond scholarship consulting, our services extend to providing unique insights into top international prospects and organizing memorable sporting events.


In the world of sports marketing, Athlete+ stands out in organizing events, generating sponsorships, and enhancing the market presence of athletes and sports teams. We create platforms where talent meets opportunity, and dreams are turned into reality.


Athlete Plus is more than just a path to athletic excellence. We are a partner in facilitating all aspects of development, opening doors to a future where talent is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated, both on and off the field.


Juanjo Marquez


  • Sports International Media Rights Consultant

  • Sponsorship and Brand Marketing Expert

  • Founder of Pan European Sports TV Network

Momir Gajic

General Manager

  • NBA Scout & NCAA Coach

  • Former GM of DME Sports Academy

  • Bachelor Degree in International Business

Stefan Jevdjenijevic

PR & Marketing Director

  • High School, Prep, NCAA & NAIA Player

  • Founder of The Locker Room System (College Athletics Software)

Jovana Vukovic

Business Development Director

  • NJCAA All-American and NCAA Division 1 athlete.

  • Bachelor degree in Sociology.

Matija Bulatovic

Head of Recruiting

  • International Basketball Playing Experience

  • Coordinated communication with over 500 schools globally

Petar Balovic

Head of Technology

  • Managed integration of advanced analytics technology for 100+ businesses.

  • Expert in implementation of secure cloud services.

Julien Vonovier

Recruiting Manager

  • Current NCAA Athlete

  • Majoring in Sports Management

Alex Geddes

Talent Manager

  • Manager of Euroleague Head Coaches Board

  • Author of “Modern Team Tactical Strategies In Basketball”

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