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Compete in our 6-tournament series and earn a chance to secure a fully funded high school scholarship in the U.S. for a year. Boost your Tennis Emirates ranking and set yourself apart.


Embarking on the Athlete Plus Tennis Scholarship Tour offers players an unparalleled experience to compete, grow, and earn a chance at a high-profile scholarship. All tournaments adhere strictly to the rules and regulations set forth by Tennis Emirates (TE) for both U18 and U16 categories, encompassing both boys and girls.

A distinct ranking system has been devised for the TOUR Masters, which features the top 8 performers of the Tour. Points are allocated based on progression in the tournament as follows:

A Unique Tennis Tour

  • 5 PTS

  • 10 PTS

  • 20 PTS

  • 36 PTS

  • 60 PTS

  • 100 PTS

Elevate your educational journey by seizing the coveted prize of this tour: a fully funded U.S. high school scholarship.


This is not just an opportunity to further your academic pursuits in one of the world’s premier educational systems, but it’s also a chance to immerse yourself in a new cultural experience, build lasting connections, and lay down a foundation that will significantly influence your future collegiate endeavors and career paths.


Winning the Masters not only cements your status as a top-tier athlete but also opens doors to educational vistas that are truly transformative.


The Athlete Plus Tennis Scholarship Tour offers more than just competition – it’s a comprehensive growth experience.


Every participant gains exclusive access to a tailored mentorship program, curated by seasoned professionals who’ve navigated the intricate landscape of college tennis. Our mentors will guide you on understanding what scouts and colleges prioritize, the best strategies to secure scholarships, and how to position oneself advantageously in the fiercely competitive world of collegiate sports.


This mentorship is an invaluable companion, ensuring you are not just match-ready, but future-ready.


Facing top-tier competition is essential for growth. This tour provides a platform where participants challenge the best in their age groups, pushing each player to their limits.


Each match is a lesson, each round a stepping stone, and every tournament a chapter in a player’s growth story. While the competition is fierce, it’s complemented by rigorous preparation.


Athletes are encouraged to bring their A-game, continually improve, and in the process, evolve into well-rounded tennis players ready for global stages.


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