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Sports Marketing & Media Consultancy


Strategic Expertise

AthleteMAS is a consulting division of Athlete+ focused on sports marketing and media excellence.


AthleteMAS Consulting Division works with Federations, Rights Holders, Cities, Academies and Sporting Events,  Media Agencies, Federations, Content Producers, Cities, OTT platforms and Television Networks to increase exposure, market their sponsorship opportunities, as well as activate and manage existing rights and assets. 


Our specialization encompasses the strategic creation of sporting events, comprehensive media planning, innovative sponsorship solutions, and targeted marketing strategies, all designed to enhance global and niche market exposure.

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In the sphere of sports event management, AthleteMAS emerges as a trusted partner, with a strategic approach and commitment to excellence. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of successfully executed events, where extensive planning, effective risk management, and innovative solutions meet expectations.

Our services extend beyond logistics; we engage in thorough consultation to understand the objectives associated with each event, ensuring our strategies are perfectly aligned with our clients’ goals.


We rely on our network of worldwide suppliers and industry experts to play a crucial role in maintaining high standards across all service categories.


At AthleteMAS, each project is an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to leading-edge practices, setting new benchmarks in quality and professional event management in the sports industry.


AthleteMAS stands at the forefront of sponsorship consultancy, using market insights and strategic approach to utilize the full commercial potential of our clients’ sports properties. Our approach to sponsorship consultancy is rooted in a deep understanding of the ecosystem, enabling us to create strategies that resonate with target audiences and forge connections with sponsors.

Our consultancy extends beyond traditional advisory, thorough analysis of intellectual property rights, understanding of global event timelines, and a critical evaluation of governing bodies’ contributions. Additionally, we assess production and media distribution efficacy, ensuring our clients’ positioning is optimized for maximum market engagement.

Our role is both strategic and creative. We are dedicated to transforming sponsorship assets into brand narratives that captivate sponsors and fans alike. We create synergies between parties, driving mutual growth and enriching the sporting landscape, whether through cutting-edge digital platforms or exceptional fan experiences.


AthleteMAS uses expertise and strategic innovation in order to provide exceptional service it the evolving domain of sports media rights.


With  over twenty years of experience in the competitive media rights landscape, we’ve established trust and reliability among rights holders by ensuring substantial commercial returns on their assets.


Our portfolio is a testament to our versatility and reach, encompassing high-stakes content ranging from International Football Matches, English Premier League, Boxing Rights and European Basketball to International Athletics Events and Tennis Invitationals.

We’ve collaborated with major entities like Kappa, Sony PlayStation, and LG, playing pivotal roles in escalating their market presence and consumer base. These partnerships reflect our dedication to transforming brands into market leaders within their sectors, achieved through a blend of sharp market intelligence, data-oriented decision-making, and commitment to client satisfaction and comprehensive management.


We understand that hospitality is a form that amplifies the effect of each event, building connections and creating memories. Our hospitality services mirror the excellence on the field or arena, as we facilitate experiences that resonate with luxury, comfort, and attention to detail.

By aligning with globally recognized venues, catering services, and accommodation providers, we guarantee a quality hospitality experience.


Our focus extends beyond the immediate event. Our services are designed to handle complexities, from travel arrangements to reservations, allowing our clients to indulge in the experience with ease and peace of mind.

From private boxes with panoramic views to VIP lounges, our offerings are diverse yet consistently exceptional. Each package promises an exclusive experience, ensuring our guests are not just spectators but integral parts of the event.

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