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All-Freshmen First Team


Academic All-American


All-Rookie First Team


World Cup Champion

We have teamed up with college basketball icon and NBA star Franz Wagner to elevate your student-athlete journey.


Get ready to unlock unparalleled opportunities with Franz's insider insights, exclusive training tips, and inspiring stories. This collaboration is dedicated to you! it's about transforming your potential into a successful student-athlete journey.


Join us, and let's build your future in sports and academics together. Your journey to excellence starts here!

Your Future
Starts Here!

Image by Jason Leung

Blueprint for


Franz Wagner’s journey is more than just a tale of basketball triumphs; it’s a blueprint for what dedication and heart can accomplish. Starting as a promising young talent and rising to become a global basketball sensation, he’s set the mark.

The Rise of a Star

With Athlete Plus guiding you, you too can create a similar path. Dive deep into Franz’s journey, find the motivation, and kickstart your own student-athlete dream.

With Support of Athlete+

Stepping onto the international basketball stage and achieving great things wasn’t just luck; it was the result of years of hard work, both on the court and in the classroom. College athletics played a pivotal role in shaping his character, refining his skills, and building his professional outlook.

Hard Work & Dedication

It’s not just about the sport; it’s about growing as a person. Let Athlete Plus guide you through the world of sports and academics, ensuring you’re not only a force on the field but also a success off it. Embrace the student-athlete lifestyle!

Growth Beyond Sports


Playing basketball in your home country sets the foundation. For players like Franz, it’s about the basics: discipline, teamwork, and commitment. Battling it out on your local court teaches resilience and hunger. But remember, this is just the start. Playing in your homeland is crucial, but it’s a stepping stone, a launchpad for becoming a student-athlete on a grander stage.

Franz Wagner’s journey from local courts to global stardom is nothing short of inspiring. And guess what? You’ve got that same spark in you. With the guidance of Athlete Plus and your unwavering passion, the world of college basketball and beyond is within reach. Ready to begin your own remarkable story? Let’s lace up those sneakers and set the court on fire.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

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