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Athlete+ Engineers the Deal for Andalucía's Global Rowing Collaboration

Athlete+ is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership between the Regional Government of Andalucía and World Rowing, orchestrated by our agency to foster a symbiotic relationship that highlights Andalucía, especially Seville, as a prime location for Rowing excellence and innovation on a global scale.

Athlete+ has played a pivotal role in leveraging World Rowing's esteemed communication channels and platforms to spotlight the region's profound Rowing culture and its premier facilities. This strategic collaboration aligns with the World Rowing Cup series, one of the sport's most prestigious annual international competitions, to showcase Andalucía's rich Rowing tradition.

Juanjo Marquez, CEO and Founder of Athlete+, expresses enthusiasm for the agency's instrumental role in this partnership: "We are delighted taking a leading role in implementing and bringing the overall vison and concept to life, establishing a deep connection between this prestigious global sport and the enchanting region of Andalucía."

The Regional Government of Andalucía's initiative, spearheaded by Regional Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arturo Bernal, emphasizes attracting top-tier sports tourism and showcasing the region's sporting excellence. Bernal commends the collaborative effort, noting, "Regional Government of Andalucía’s commitment underscores our strategy to attract top-level sports tourism. We are delighted to embark on this journey with World Rowing, showcasing Andalucía and the city of Seville as a focal point of Rowing tradition, excellence and innovation. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to attracting global audiences to experience the rich sporting culture and the beauty, culture, and history of Andalucía."

Vincent Gaillard, Executive Director of World Rowing, also acknowledges the unique qualities of Andalucía and Seville as premier Rowing locales, further cementing the region's place in the international Rowing community through this partnership: "The region of Andalucía and the City of Seville are one of the premiere Rowing locations in the world. Their world-class high-performance training facilities and racecourse in the centre of town are remarkable. The annual Betis-Seville Regatta sport-festival is a historical Regatta continuously growing in international recognition and interest.  Andalucía and Seville have always been an integral part of the global Rowing family. This new partnership reaffirms our bond and sets the stage for exciting future activities."

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