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Celebrating the 57th Sevilla-Betis Regatta

Athlete Plus is honored to announce our headlining sponsorship for the 57th edition of the iconic Seville-Betis Regatta. This classic duel on the Guadalquivir, a riveting local rendition of the legendary Oxford-Cambridge showdown, is set to unfold on November 11th, setting the stage for the city’s football derby the following day.

This year’s regatta resonates our commitment to sporting excellence and community spirit. The official poster, unveiled at the City Hall is a testament to the regatta’s unwavering commitment to equality, emphasized through the equal representation of men’s and women’s teams, mirroring our own dedication to inclusivity in sport.

While the overall tally favors the Nervión side (30-26), Betis’s remarkable streak of twelve consecutive victories underscores the evolving competitive landscape, igniting anticipation for this year’s clash. As the oars slice through the river come November, they’ll carry more than athletes; they’ll bear the legacy of extraordinary rowers, the passion of a city, and a shared aspiration that binds us all: the pursuit of greatness.

Juanjo Marquez – Athelte+ CEO and Daniel Sierra – Seville Betis Regatta Director

In this spirit, the regatta will once again be broadcast by Televisión Española and Canal Sur, weaving this local tradition into the fabric of households across the nation. As our athletes prepare, some taking their dedication to the international stage in anticipation of the 2024 Olympics, we stand with them, celebrating their vigor and resolve.

This celebration transcends sport, encapsulating cultural heritage, communal pride, and a united front in the face of every challenge. Representatives from various sectors, including Athlete Plus’s own CEO Juan José Márquez, gathered to pay homage to this ethos during the poster presentation. The event, fortified by diverse support – from local authorities to passionate patrons like Coca-Cola, Cruzcampo, and more – isn’t just a competition; it’s a symbol of communal identity and solidarity.

Moreover, the Sevilla-Betis Regatta continues its noble tradition of philanthropy, this year supporting the Spanish Association for Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, reflecting our collective responsibility to wield the power of sport for global good.

So, as the city of Seville breathes in the autumn air, we at Athlete Plus extend our invitation to witness this testament to human spirit and sportsmanship. Join us on the banks of the Guadalquivir, as we write the next chapter in this storied rivalry, underpinning our commitment to fostering excellence, equality, and empathy, both on the water and off.

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