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Catalina Pérez Interview with FIFA: "We're willing to give our lives for each other"

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In an exclusive interview with FIFA, Athlete + Legacy Athlete Catalina Pérez, the goalkeeper of the Colombian National Team, opens up about their aspirations in the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the unwavering unity that drives their pursuit of victory. With a remarkable performance in the group stage, Pérez reflects on the team’s mindset and readiness as they prepare to face England in the Quarter-Final.

There’s a recurring idea within the Colombian National Team. Regardless of the stage, the moment, or the key player, the team led by Nelson Abadía dreams of winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup. There’s no sense of measured declaration or the notion of taking things “step by step.”

This sentiment is echoed by Catalina Pérez, the team’s goalkeeper, who has only conceded two goals so far (one against Germany from a penalty, and another against Morocco), and she is a fundamental pillar of the team that will be striving for the quarter-finals against Jamaica.

“The group is very united, strengthened, focused on these days and what lies ahead. We study it, remain clear about our identity, while maintaining that unity. Jamaica is very fast, with rapid transitions and aggression. We need to be ready to understand how we position ourselves and stand our ground. Ready to face that speed,” Catalina Pérez told FIFA.

The Colombian National Team advanced as the first-place finisher in Group H, with six points, following two victories against South Korea (2-0) and Germany (2-1), and a loss to Morocco (0-1). “Yes, it’s an important motivation. We have many motivations; we’re here to make history. We have a lot in our hearts, that desire and wanting to do this for ourselves, our country, our families – that fills our hearts and gives us so much strength,” said 28-year-old Pérez.

“The group is very united, strongly bonded, focused on these days, studying what’s to come, being clear about our playing identity, recovering to the fullest while maintaining unity and focus,” she commented.

Regarding the pressure the team might feel in a stage they’ve only faced once before (in the 2015 World Cup, where they lost 2-0 to the United States in the Round of 16): “I feel that the more pressure, the more dedication. That’s what I sense from this group. We’re willing to give our lives for each other because of the love we have, the love for our country. That’s our greatest strength in facing moments like these.”


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