Juanjo Marquez

Co-Owner / CEO
E: juanjo@athleteplus.org
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  • Founder of a Pan European Sports TV Station
  • Media Rights Consultant to major football and basketball leagues and clubs.
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Semi Pro Basketball player in Spain

Momir Gajic

Co-Owner / General Manager
E: momir@athleteplus.org
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  • Former NBA Scout & NCAA Coach
  • Former GM of DME Sports Academy
  • Bachelor Degree in International Business


Stevan Jovanovic

Director of Operations
P: +381-61-336-2220
E: stevan@athleteplus.org

  • Former Professional and NCAA player
  • Bachelor Degree in Finances
  • Master Degree in Investment Management


Christopher Flash

Partner / US Director
P: +1 407-967-7993
E: christopher@athleteplus.org

  • Owner of Flash Sports Management
  • Former Orlando Magic Youth Director
  • Former Athletic Director

Mike Panaggio

Senior Advisor
E: mjp@dmedelivers.com
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  • Co-Owner of DME Sports Academy
  • 15 Successful Companies in 35 Years
  • Entrepreneur.CEO.Philanthropist