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Choosing to work with Scholarship Consultants is a major decision. Every international Student-Athlete is facing a variety of challenges during his/her search for the best offers from USA High Schools, Prep Academies or Colleges.

Athlete+ Consulting program provides you with an Expert Team who will evaluate your situation, provide guidance, promote you to the USA coaches and negotiate for the best possible scholarship offers.

Athlete+ Team utilizes our network of USA scouts to recommend you to the schools and teams that match your needs and qualifications.


In North America, most High Schools include grades 9th through 12th. Often in 4-year schools the different levels are designated, in ascending order, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Most American High Schools are public—i.e., tuition-free, supported by state funds.

As a consulting group, we only recommend private boarding or host-family High Schools organization. Majority of these organization emphasis high-quality education in combination with a seasonal athletic programs.


Sports – Preparatory Academies (usually shortened to prep schools) are private organizations offering full-time athletic programs combined with academic (High School, 9th – 12th Grades) or (Post Grad, 13th Grade) curriculum. These academies offer complete boarding accommodations packaged with 2-3 meals per day and daily transportation.

Post Grad (13th Grade) year offers an opportunity to each student-athlete to further develop his/her academic, mental, physical and game skills. Post grad teams travel intensively and play against teams from other states and conferences which increases the college recruiting exposure.


In the United States, , there are over 7021 colleges and universities. A college may offer undergraduate programs which can be a University Residential College (4-Year Bachelor Degrees) or a Community Residential College (2-Year Associate Degree).

The USA hosts the greatest number of international students in the world. Quality education, a unique curriculum, a multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities are just some of the reasons why many international students want to study in the US. College Sports offer student-athletes scholarships, bring a unique aspect to student life on campus, and it’s one of the greatest experiences that student-athlete can get.


This is the first step where student-athletes and family have to complete an online application so we could gather more information and be more prepared for the next step.

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Throughout this interview, our staff will present the process in detail and discuss with a family and an athlete, their goals and expectations.

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Following the interview, we will ask for multiple documents as well as for athletic info (games, highlights, images, online articles, social media profiles etc) in order to assess the client’s academic and athletic capabilities.

After assessing all documentation and athletic info, our staff will provide detailed evaluation and a projection regarding scholarship possibilities that Athlete+ can negotiate for, through our network of scouts located in the USA.

If a student and a family decides to use our consulting services, they are required to sign an agreement with the Athlete+.

The promotion phase includes: A) preparing academic and athletic presentation; B) promoting a student-athlete to coaches and targeted schools and C) negotiating the best possible scholarship offers.

Each offer will be presented in detail o a student-athlete and his/her family. These offers will also include our assessment and grading for each involved school.

Once a student-athlete accepts the offer, our staff will assist with the admission process required by the selected school.

Once the selected school issues needed documentation, our staff will prepare the student-athlete for an interview with the USA Embassy consular officer.

Our consulting service is extended and active while the student-athlete is in the USA, continuing his/her athletic career. Athlete+ scouts and staff will monitor and communicate with coaches and school members engaged with our client. Our assistance include resolving any challenges that might occur during client’s student-life in the USA.