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Catalina Pérez: The Goalkeeping Dynamo Propelling Colombia's World Cup Journey

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

As the World Cup unfolds, the Colombian Women’s National Team is undoubtedly making its presence felt. A big part of this success belongs to none other than our Athlete Plus legacy program ambassador, Catalina Pérez. Catalina’s unwavering goalkeeping skills have helped the team to impressive victories in their opening games against South Korea and Germany, laying a strong foundation for their journey in the tournament.

The World Cup debut against South Korea saw Catalina Pérez in formidable form. Her goalkeeping expertise, honed by years of experience, shone brightly, especially when she thwarted a game-changing header from the opposition. Catalina’s performance served as a bedrock for the Colombian team, instilling confidence in the defense and allowing them to focus on offensive strategies.

Complementing Catalina’s solid defense, Linda Caicedo, the Real Madrid star, introduced a layer of complexity that the South Korean defense struggled to counter. The Colombian team’s debut performance was a testament to their dedication, teamwork, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Carrying the winning momentum forward, Catalina once again proved indispensable in the second group stage game against Germany. Her brilliant saves and commands in the goalpost created a sense of calm and control, enabling the Colombian defense to maintain their stronghold and confidently advance their offensive plays.

Looking ahead, the Colombian Women’s National Team stands on the brink of the World Cup knockout stage, a milestone that feels within reach thanks to Catalina’s exceptional performances.

We’re incredibly proud of Catalina and her impact on and off the field. Her inspiring journey serves as a potent reminder of our mission at Athlete Plus: to foster excellence in sport through dedication, teamwork, and resilience.

As we eagerly await the next chapter of Colombia’s World Cup journey, we stand in full support of Catalina and her team. Their performances embody the values we strive to instill in every athlete we work with. We are optimistic for what the future holds and excited to witness the continued success of Catalina Pérez and the Colombian Women’s National Team.


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