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Athlete Plus to Partner with NABA (North American Basketball Association)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Organizations Set to Organize Multiple Events Around the Globe

Athlete Plus is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with the North American Basketball Association (NABA), the leading Filipino community sports organization in the United States, connecting athletes, clubs, academies and other professionals involved in basketball, volleyball and badminton.

As a global organization, NABA has already achieved some extraordinary results, creating a community of over 20,000 athletes of all ages, and providing them with annual opportunities to compete at tournaments featuring more than 200 teams and over 3,000 athletes!

With the sets of goals in common, NABA & Athlete Plus will strive to work towards creating academic and athletic scholarship opportunities for young athletes who are participating in NABA events around the globe.

Both organizations share a common goal in providing aspiring student-athletes with a chance to learn, grow and take a step forward in their academic and athletic lives. Therefore, through this partnership, both Athlete Plus and NABA will provide boys and girls athletes with a chance to participate in camps, webinars, tournaments and showcases in order to get evaluated and promoted to college coaches and scouts atall levels., the leading talent marketing and sport scholarship consulting agency, provides student-athletes with increased opportunities to pursue their academic and athletic passion while attending some of the best colleges, universities and world class sport academies around the globe, including 10 of the most competitive sports: basketball, football/soccer, tennis, golf, rowing, wrestling, waterpolo, equestrian, swimming, athletics and volleyball.

This is a great opportunity for both organizations to show what we are all about and make an impact on young people’s lives.” said Athlete Plus GM, Momir Gajic. “NABA has a rich history of organizing events for athletes of all ages and combined with Athlete Plus experience and expertise we can make great things happen!added agency’s shareholder and co-founder.

In addition to partnership, two organizations will work together in creating NABA Legacy Scholarship, powered by Athlete+

Through this partnership, we hope to give thousands of young people access to high-quality sports programs that encourage them to develop their skills on court and in school. We look forward to growing our relationship with NABA as we work together to support our shared goal of helping young people succeed!


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