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Andalusian Rowing Federation

Bringing Innovation to the World of Rowing

Our Commitment is committed to advancing the sport of rowing through its strategic partnership with the Andalusian Rowing Federation. This collaboration reflects our joint dedication to supporting the development of rowing in Andalusia. We work in conjunction to create opportunities for athletic and academic growth among rowers in the region, aligning with our organizational objectives and commitment to excellence in sports.

Key initiatives such as the Regatta Sevilla-Betis highlight the success of our partnership. This event, along with our support of youth competitions, exemplifies our mutual efforts to enhance competitive rowing. Moreover, our collaboration has been instrumental in establishing scholarship programs for promising student-athletes, aiding in their pursuit of sporting and academic achievements.

The Regatta Seville-Betis is a tradition that lasts for 57 years, is part of the DNA of the city of Seville, and part of the history of Rowing in Spain and worldwide. The Regatta, over the years, hosted dozens of Olympians, World and European Champions. In 1992 Oxford vs Cambridge was part of the event at the Guadalquivir River.


In 2022 and 2023, the event raised the bar to an unprecedented public assistance, media coverage by Teledeporte, news access global distribution, and for the first time, a title sponsor:


Rowing Crew


Our partnership with the Andalusian Rowing Federation is grounded in mutual inspiration and a shared dedication to the sport of rowing. Both organizations are driven by a common goal: to inspire athletes and provide them with the support necessary to reach their full potential. This reciprocal dedication fuels our collaborative efforts to improve training methodologies, enhance competitive events, and foster a sustainable environment for rowers to thrive. It is this synergy that enables us to continuously push the boundaries of what can be achieved, both on the waters and off, as we aim to set new standards of excellence within the rowing community.


Regatta Sevilla-Betis

The Regatta Sevilla-Betis stands as a premier event in our collaborative portfolio, celebrating the tradition of rowing in Andalusia. This annual competition not only showcases the region’s top rowing talent but also  a cultural touchstone within the community. Our partnership has been pivotal in refining the event’s organizational framework, enhancing competitive standards, and providing athletes with a platform to compete at their highest level. The success of the Regatta Sevilla-Betis is a testament to our shared commitment to the sport and its athletes.

Strategic Initiatives & Impact

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